Friend Code Bot

Nurse Joy was designed for the Pokémon Singapore Discord Server, to allow users to efficiently store and access friend codes without having to memorise them. With the introduction of Pokemon GO's friend system, the usage of Nurse Joy has also been extended to other Pokemon discord servers.


  • Friend Code System

    Able to store and display friend code in discord channels.

  • Simple Commands

    !fc or !fc @mention to view stored friend codes in the trainer database. Direct message NurseJoy with !info to access additional commands.

  • Dedicated Server

    NurseJoy is hosted using AWS for 24/7 uptime and best performance.

Discord Servers

Servers that uses the bot.

How Do I Invite NurseJoy To My Discord Server?

Contact @N3evin#5399 on discord as the bot is not available for adding by public link.